Book Review: Fangirl

Rating: 5 out of 5 (Perfection! Everyone should read this!)

Eighteen year old twins, Cath and Wren, are off to their first year of college.  Up until this point, they have been at each other sides writing fan fiction and being best friends.  Wren decides that college should be about meeting new people and tells Cath she does not want to be roommates. Meanwhile, Cath wants everything to remain the same and keep her sister as her best friend. Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl is a fantastic coming of age story that is filled with humor, emotion, and depth.  This was my first Rainbow Rowell novel and is one of my favorite books I have ever read. You will like this book if you enjoy realistic fiction, strong female leads, romance, fan fiction, and if you breathe air!

The Low Down

Cath and Wren couldn’t be more different.  Wren is outgoing and the life of the party and Cath just wants to blend into the background.  When they first arrive at school, Cath meets her new roommate Reagan and her maybe-boyfriend Levi. Reagan is blunt, quiet, and intimidating; however, Levi is happy-go-lucky, friendly, and charismatic.  Cath hates the idea of meeting new people and becomes extremely reserved staying in her room only venturing out for classes. Her favorite class is a junior level fiction writing class.  There, she meets a cute guy, Nick, who shares her love of writing.  Meanwhile, Wren is going out way too much partying and drinking all weekend.  In addition to Cath worrying about Wren, Levi, and Nick, her father is having a hard time adjusting to life without his daughters.  Will Cath be able to juggle these new feelings and survive her freshman year?

My Thoughts: Love at First Page

This is how I felt after I read this book…


I can’t stress enough how much I am in love with this book.  The plot is simple yet interesting and the relationships, along with the secondary plots, are complicated, thoughtful, and realistic. My favorite character, the heroine of the story, is Cath. There were numerous times in the story I found myself rooting for her and I never got frustrated with her choices. I can relate to her personality and I could put myself in her shoes. The scene at the end with her estranged mother made me cheer even though some may view it as not the right thing to do. I loved it for it’s authenticity and also that’s how I would have reacted. Every time Wren did or said something hurtful to Cath, I felt personally insulted (as silly as that sounds!). Kudos to Rowell for creating this awesome story. I had a hard time finishing the story, because I didn’t want it to end.  That is the same feeling I had reading the final Harry Potter. Please go read this it’s the perfect story that will have anyone swooning. I wish I could go back and read it for the first time.