Snacks, Desserts, or Anytime in Disneyland

KeyDP – Disneyland Park

DCA – Disney California Adventure

DD – Downtown Disney

F – Favorite

~JALAPENO CHEESE PRETZEL – numerous locations in DP & DCA, F
*Visited Everytime* I have found these carts to be all over both parks. I have gone to the one in Frontierland in DP and on the Midway in DCA. It’s the perfect pretzel if you enjoy spicy.
~TURKEY LEG – locations in DP & DCA, F
*Visited Everytime* There is a cart in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in DP and near Muppets 4D in DCA. This is quintessential Disney and probably the best value of any item they sell. It’s big enough to share which we always do for lunch.
turkey leg
~HARBOUR GALLEY by Haunted Mansion, DP
*Visited 3/8/14* I have tried two items off the menu. The lobster roll and the barbecue chicken and slaw stuffed baked potato were awesome! The lobster roll is fresh and not bathed in mayonnaise. The stuffed baked potato was like Big Thunder Ranch in a potato. Great little place to grab a quick lunch or dinner.
*Visited 2/18/13* We tried the chorizo and eggs cone with pico de gallo and tomatillo sauce in a bread cone. It’s a cool concept and quick snack for on the go.
~STARBUCKS – Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street, DCA and Market House on Mainstreet, DP
*Visited Everytime* Great decor in both locations and does not feel like a normal Starbucks. I like the cups because they are Disney themed and am convinced the coffee tastes better here, but that could be the Disney magic talking.
~POOH CORNER by Splash Mountain Exit, DP, F
*Visited Everytime* I love coming in here and seeing what new creations there are. Most of the desserts are Winnie the Pooh themed, along with holiday treats as well.
photo_1 (6)

Christmas Themed Treats


Winnie the Pooh Themed Treats

~TIKI JUICE BAR in Adventureland, DP, F
*Visited Everytime* This is one of my favorite places in Disney hands down. I love pineapple and the dole whips are amazing. We have tried the pineapple float which is best on a hot day, but mostly we just get the soft serve. When you get the ice cream by itself they give you more! Love this place!

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