Eating Disneyland

52031420014After moving from the east coast to California, I shifted my focus from Disney World in Orlando, FL to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. I was excited to see that we were a short 5-6 hour drive away and couldn’t wait to visit Walt’s park. My fiancee and I first visited Disneyland in February 2013. We loved it so much that we bought annual passes and made our second visit in December 2013. I was most excited to go during December because I love Christmas. Christmas in Disney is something I have always wanted to experience and that trip will always be cherished because that’s where I got engaged. Since that trip, we returned March 2014. We have three more trips planned for the year in July, October (Mickey’s Halloween Party), and November (Avenger’s Half Marathon). Needless to say I absolutely love Disney, and I’m lucky I have such a understanding and supporting fiancee who indulges my addiction.

During our time there, we have tried a multitude of restaurants and food carts. I will update this page as we visit to add new places and pictures. I organized our food adventures by the types of dining; however, you could have lunch somewhere where I had dinner. We have eaten the anytime food for dinner before so it’s all your preference. Enjoy!


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