The Launch of “Eating Disneyland”

52031420072Hello Everyone! I added a new tab, Eating Disneyland, on my blog which focuses on the food at Disneyland. I will review the food, post pictures, and hopefully provide you with some good insight. Look out for updates and be sure to check the tab! Our next trip to Disneyland is in July, so look for more updates after!


California Beaches vs. Jersey Beaches

If I say I’m going to the shore in Jersey, it means hot sun, bikinis, boardwalk, ice-cold drinks, and suntan lotion; however, in the San Francisco Bay area if you are going to the beach you better pack a sweat shirt, wet suit, warm drinks, and blankets.  Also when most people think of beaches in Jersey this is what they think…I promise you this is not the norm.  Yes there are people like this, but no the majority does not look or act this way.  I feel the need to clarify this common misconception!

Fist pumping their way down the shore

Fist pumping their way down the shore

This past weekend we decided to head over to the beach and get some salty ocean smells.  We ate at Sutro’s at the Cliff House, a great restaurant  on the cliffs of the San Francisco Pacific coast line.  After eating we journeyed down the cliffs and explored the caves and got a closer look at the Pacific Ocean.  There were a lot of interesting and beautiful views from this location that epitomize Northern California beaches.  I made this collage with InstaCollage for iPhone integrating all the pictures I took into one stamp/postcard.

Beach Stamp

On a side note, these pictures totally remind me of the movie, Goonies.  Especially the one with the three stones that the kids line up with the skull decoder.


Trying to find the rich stuff…

Winter is Coming!

Are you ready?  Tonight is the premiere of the highly anticipated season 3 of Game of Thrones and I am extremely excited!  This season will be the most bloody yet and filled with shocking moments.  When we last saw the Stark’s, Lannister’s, and the rest of the gang, war broke out on all fronts across the land and the struggle of power came to a bloody confrontation.  The last scene we were left with finally unveiled the infamous and mysterious White Walkers (a cross between zombies and the cursed pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean when they are in the moonlight) that will sure to play a large role continuing forward.  Jog your memory by watching the last scene from season 2 below!

Opposites Attract

I was searching the web for interesting art related to Games of Thrones and I stumbled upon some gems that I thought you guys would enjoy.  Since I am such a Disney fan, I wanted to see if anyone created art mashing up Game of Thrones and Disney.  Even though Disney and Game of Thrones are pretty much polar opposites, it’s interesting to see how they go together.  I found some great ones, enjoy!

Pretty sure she would rule all other Disney Princesses


Here is Daenerys Targaryen as a Disney Princess and her Disney dragons including, Pete’s Dragon, Maleficent in dragon form, and the Epcot dragon Figment.  Mushu from Mulan would have been a good inclusion; however, there are only three dragons in the show so I understand his absence.




Poor Wendy has no idea...

Poor Wendy has no idea…

Can you guess the Disney characters and match them to their Game of Thrones’ counterparts?  My favorite here is Phil from Hercules as Tyrion Lannister (one of my favorite characters in the show and books).  I like how he is by himself calculating the situation and the scene captures his personality perfectly.  Who is your favorite character from the show and does it fit the Disney counterpart?


Don't mess with Scrooge McDuck

Don’t mess with Scrooge McDuck


Duck Tales takes a serious turn when Scrooge McDuck becomes insane with power and eliminates potential heirs that could threaten his throne.  This art isn’t for kids obviously, but I thought it was very creative and captured the brutal tone of Game of Thrones.  There is also humor with the tagline, what do you think of it?!


If you have never watched the show I highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed!  You can rent season 1 & 2  and check out the books from your local library!  Otherwise, if you are all caught up all you can do is wait a few short hours till winter comes!