Reading Opens Doors

Reading Opens Doors

This simple yet descriptive comic perfectly explains why reading is so beneficial, especially to children. Reading opens doors to the world be providing access to new cultures, ways of life and thinking, and exposure to alternative beliefs. At an early age, children need exposure to diverse cultures, people, and ways of life in order for them to grow up with open minds. Reading is an important activity that should be instilled at an early age in order to promote the activity later in life. If you have little ones, try your local library to participate in baby or toddler storytimes. They are very beneficial to children and introduce children to the library at an early age.

Reading is not only important in children, but remains important the rest of our lives. Continuing to educate ourselves is very important to be able to transition and grow and I plan on learning till I’m old and grey!

What are you reading? Do you continue to educate yourself, and how?



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