Annoying Gym Gripes

Okay so I feel the need to vent about my experiences at the gym and how strange, inconsiderate, and nasty people are (no sugar-coating here). Let me first say that I am originally from a very small town and there was only one gym.  Going to the gym was like a high school and elementary school reunion every time you stepped foot through the door.  Due to the fact that you know everyone, there weren’t people just walking around in the locker room buck naked with their business hanging out, because chances are that could be your first grade teacher. Okay so now that you have a visual, needless to say I came into my California gym experience with a narrow view and was shocked by what I have seen that has me chuckling every time I exit.

I have learned that:

1. Everyone loves to be naked in the locker room.  I get it, it’s a locker room with showers and provides a place to change.  All that aside, I don’t feel it’s necessary to be rubbing lotion all over your naked body in front of everyone in the locker room.  Sorry, you can call me conservative. but that is way past acceptable in front of strangers.  Seeing a flashes of body parts while you are putting your clothes on and off I understand, but when I see a completely naked woman weighing herself by the exit of the locker room it’s too much.   Unfortunately, I learned the hard way after many an eyeful of flesh. I now walk into the locker room with my head down and hope for the best.

Let’s go bouncing on the moon

2. Astronauts like to work out too. I have seen the metallic suits only in spoofs or as a joke on TV, but at my gym it’s common to find these space explorers. Yes they do make you sweat more and “lose weight,” but come on.  You are losing water weight that can easily be gained back after the workout.  Are you a boxer, jockey, or wrestler and need to “make-weight” before your competition? If not, then why would you wear that ridiculous outfit.

It’s “run Forest run,” not walk.

3. If you want to run on the treadmill you first have to wait for the walkers to get off. Yes, building your endurance up to running by walking is the best way to avoid injury and warm your body up. However, when there are no open treadmills and everyone is walking there needs to be an emergency stop button to get these walkers off.  There are many available ellipticals for the walkers to use that would be more beneficial for their health because of the varying resistance.  If you are only going to walk, please be courteous and use the elliptical when there are little to no treadmills available. I know this will never happen, but when I want to run and I am confined to the elliptical it really ticks me off.

4. If you don’t clean the machine before you use it, chances are you will be enjoying the last person’s sweat. I’ve observed that the majority of people do not clean the machine after they use it. It is especially gross on the treadmills or ellipticals where the sweat pours off bodies in buckets (If I see the ground wet around your machine chances are that I won’t use the machine anywhere near you, ewww).  I congratulate the person who just sprinted 3 miles, but would it kill you to pick a paper towel, antibacterial, and wipe the machine you just gave a bath. It’s the little things here people.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (no pun intended). Thanks for listening to my rant which I hope you found enlightening. Have you ever experienced any of these annoyances at the gym? Enjoy the comic I figured it applied here!

Pig Comic


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